This Brilliant Teflon Bag Turns Your Toaster Into A Grilled Cheese Factory

Every kitchen needs one of these.

For ravenous dairy lovers, it sometimes feels like making grilled cheese on a stove simply puts too much time between us and eating our beloved cheese creation.

Thank gouda-ness for these toaster grilled cheese bags from Uncommon Goods, which promise to make prep time scary fast and spillage-free. You just slide your bread and cheese into the sturdy Teflon bag and pop it in your toaster for a grilled cheese of golden, melty perfection:

Uncommon Goods

Previous methods of making grilled cheese in a toaster ― like turning the toaster on its side ― have sometimes lead to small kitchen fires, and you should always use caution when you’re trying take such shortcuts. An Uncommon Goods staffer who tested these grilled cheese bags said it took a few tries to find the perfect toaster setting at first, but the product does indeed turn out a savory sandwich.

The bags are washable, and each can be reused up to 50 times. You can score a pack of three for $9.99 online from Uncommon Goods.

Say cheese!

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