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Why Are You Guys So Mad About Tomatoes In Grilled Cheese?

Can't we all just grill cheese and get along?

Something has come to our attention: there is a sandwich out there that is really pissing you guys off. Well, more specifically, a sandwich and a topping. We are talking about the reigning heavyweight champion of the sandwich world, the grilled cheese and its frequent sidekick, the tomato.

We care very deeply about grilled cheese. Some of us count it among our favorite sandwiches of all time, if not number one. We all agree that a pure, simple, cheese-bread-and-butter grilled cheese is the best. However, none of us take exception to the inclusion of a few slices of tomato, some bacon or some ham every now and then. That, it appears, is not the case for everyone. Some of you really freaking hate tomatoes in grilled cheese. We discovered this conversation in the comments section of a recent post about making dinner out of one soup and one sandwich.

grilled cheese tomato

Against the law?? Those are serious fighting words. Digging through the comments on a few other grilled cheese-related posts, we found the same kind of talk. Is this an epidemic? Do we need to talk about it?

We're assuming that the vitriol stems from one of two (mildly understandable) places: 1) tomatoes can compromise the structural integrity of a grilled cheese and make it a little soggy and 2) a watery tomato plus not-quite-melted cheese is a real bummer. Where do you stand on this apparently divisive issue? Can't we all just grill cheese and get along?

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