The Verdict Is In On The Chocolate Chip Cookie Grilled Cheese

Things just got real.

We wrote about the chocolate chip cookie grilled cheese when Stef from the food blog Cupcake Project first conceived of this insanity. We weren't sure what to think then about this almost unholy combination of America's two favorite foods. We love grilled cheese sandwiches. And we really love chocolate chip cookies. But the two together? We were on the fence.

The chocolate chip cookie grilled cheese sandwich recently entered our consciousness again and we had the same combination of good and bad feelings. With determined hearts (and hungry stomachs) we decided to, once and for all, find out if this food mashup was a good idea -- or just a waste of our favorite cookies.

We took our curiosity to the kitchen and here's what we found:

Using our favorite Jaques Torres chocolate chip cookie recipe and Cabot cheddar cheese (HuffPost's favorite type of cheese for making sandwiches), we got to work. We followed Stef's instructions: baked up fresh cookies, sandwiched them with a slice of cheese when fresh from the oven, and popped them back in for a couple of extra minutes to really melt the cheese. What we got was the most perfect vision of chocolate on melted cheese on cookie. It was a very beautiful thing. (Take a look at this thing cut in half.)

chocolate chip cookie inside

We took a bite with excitement in our hearts, and... eh. Just EH.

Eloquence goes out the window with this one (obviously, we're making chocolate chip cookie grilled cheeses after all). There's not much more we can say about the flavor of this creation except that it tastes just like you'd imagine: cheese with cookies.

As much as we wanted it to be a thing of beauty, it just wasn't. The flavors didn't meld; the creation as a whole just wasn't cohesive. After a second bite, we really just wished we had plain cookies -- without the cheese. The verdict is in: a glass of milk is still the only dairy that should be served with our beloved chocolate chip cookies.

Maybe another type of cheese would have tasted better with chocolate chip cookies, but we most likely won't ever find out because we've learned we like our cookies the old fashion way. If you give it a try, let us know how it goes in the comments below.

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