8 Super Hot Grill Hacks To Keep Your Summer Sizzlin'

Because a lot is at steak.

Here we all are, inching one day closer to winter. It will be OK.

Thankfully, Labor Day weekend gives us one final hoorah to make the most of this last stretch of summer, so here are a few tricks to keep that backyard barbecue as beautiful and hassle-free as possible.

Clean Your Grill With An Onion
Eldad Carin via Getty Images
Light Your Grill With A Chimney Starter
Or Use The Chimney As The Grill Itself
Doritos Make Great Kindling
Use Bricks To Flatten Meat
Use Ice Cubes In Your Burgers
Pirolli via Getty Images
Get Crazy With Herbs
Westend61 via Getty Images
Measure Your Propane With Water

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