High School Students Throw 'Anti-Homecoming' After Grinding Ban


After Moline High School imposed a "no grinding" policy, students at the Illinois school organized their own "Anti-Homecoming" dance on Oct. 4 at the Moline Club.

The school had informed parents about the "no grinding" policy through "phone calls, emails and other correspondence."

"We do not believe it is appropriate behavior in public or at a school events, and we stand by that position," Superintendent Dr. David Moyer said in an email to The Huffington Post. "What people do on their own time or what their family or cultural norms are are not our concern when it is not associated with the school or on school property. When sponsoring a school event, we take seriously our responsibility to provide a safe, enjoyable, and appropriate experience for all of the students we serve."

The school district is not pleased with the protest counter-dance. It sent a subsequent email last week to parents about the Anti-Homecoming dance held at a venue called The Moline Club, pointing out it was "not a school-sponsored or school-endorsed activity."

But the students insist they organized the Anti-Homecoming over more than just grinding.

"Every 'tradition' of our senior year has been taken away or modified," said one student in a tweet. "Being a senior is no longer a fun experience, that's why we are all taking a stand."

Narveen Aryaputri, owner of the Moline Club, the location of the Anti-Homecoming, told HuffPost there were some rules at the protest dance as well. "Underage lap dancing," for example, was not allowed, Aryaputri said.

"A few people danced inappropriately," Aryaputri said, "but stopped after being told [by security]."

Still, about 350 students came to the Anti-Homecoming dance. Security and parents were there -- and one father acted as the DJ. It was a private dance, and people were only allowed in if they had purchased tickets.

Overall, the Anti-Homecoming dance appeared to be a success, with no major snags.

"They had a blast," Aryaputri said. "They had a great time."

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