Grizzly Bear Takes A Swing At This Guy's Camera

If you're going to stick a camera in the middle of the wilderness, don't be surprised when the "wild" shows up.

Brad Josephs, a Natural Habitat Adventures’ Expedition leader, recently uploaded a video of a young grizzly bear taking a swing at the camera that he had planted on the shore of the Alaska Peninsula.

At the time, Josephs was guiding a group of wildlife photographers and had posted the GoPro attached to a pole in the sand. While it may seem dangerous for a group like this to be so close to bears, the National Outdoor Leadership School in Alaska has suggested a group of four people or more will decrease the risk of bear attack.

Still, that is no guarantee. In 2011, a group of seven students from Palmer's National Outdoor Leadership School were attacked 100 miles north of Anchorage when they encountered a sow's cub in a narrow valley.

This video is a worthwhile reminder to always interact with caution when around wildlife.



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