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The Genius Hack For Carrying A Ridiculous Number Of Grocery Bags

One of the absolute worst parts about grocery shopping is carrying all the goods. Shopping for groceries is usually fun, and eating the groceries is definitely delightful, but the experience of carrying more plastic bags than your hands ought to bear is painful. Just think back to the last time your forearms and hands were racked with pain from the loss of circulation.

It's bad enough getting bags from store to car, but if you have to walk home, that can translate into blocks upon blocks of unnecessary torture. Fear not! Thanks to YouTuber Taras Kul, there is a solution: a carabiner.

A carabiner is a metal loop with a spring-loaded hook that's most often used in mountain climbing. Equipped with a squishy foam handle, this grocery bag hack is a life saver. Plus, if you're lucky enough to transport your groceries in a car, clipping the bags together makes the job of carrying them in from the trunk so much easier. Watch the full tutorial in the video above.

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