9 Childhood Grocery Shopping Memories That'll Bring You Back To That Little Seat In The Cart

Where's my cookie??

The world seen through a child's eyes is confusing. Movies don't really make sense. The seriousness of curse words hasn't yet set in. And everyday activities, like going to the grocery store, feel bigger and more adventurous than they should.

From the perspective of a child, the grocery store is endless and full of delicious possibilities -- with a few heartbreaks along the way. It's weird and fun and feels nothing like the experience it turns out to be as an adult. But mainly, it just means so many opportunities to score treats.

We here at HuffPost Taste recently reminisced about that shared childhood experience. It made us feel all nostalgic, so we had to share.

Here are the thoughts that go through a child's brain while at the grocery store. Share your fondest memories below.

It didn't matter that you never wanted to play with your toy. It was the acquisition of it that was important.
Freezing so hard that you thought you were going to die.
And not just in the freezer aisle either -- which goes on FOREVER, by the way -- but the whole entire store was always cold enough to safely preserve the entire state of Alaska.
Gladly waiting in the epically long deli line because you knew it meant good things.
The free samples of cheese were like gifts from the gods.
Wanting so badly to ask for a box of sweet, sweet cereal.
Funny or Die
But you didn't dare utter those words for fear you'd be turned down hard. And nothing was worse than being told NO.
Wondering why in the world your mom was always so stressed out?
From the child's point of view, the person manning the cart and dealing with the logistics of shopping looked a lot like an insane person.
Achieving that moment of clarity when your mom picked out grapes.
Watching your mom test produce was like learning one of the profound secrets to getting through life. Priceless.
Scoring a fresh-baked cookie from the bakery section.
starless night
Why the baker handed out free cookies is still a mystery, but a beautiful one. It's like they just got you.
Bubbling up the courage to get something from the checkout aisle.
It was the last chance to get another treat on this epic trip. And the chaos of the checkout left little opportunity for your parents to say no. Skittles for days.
Dreading the return home, which meant it was time to put away the groceries.
imgur: weyrauc3
Worst part of your life. Ever.

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