Groom Heroically Saves Drowning Boy During Wedding Photo Shoot

He didn't hesitate for a second before jumping to the rescue.

This heroic groom probably didn’t expect to play the role of Superman on his wedding day.

Canadian newlyweds Clayton and Brittany Cook were posing for photos in a park in Kitchener, Ontario after their ceremony on Friday when Clayton noticed a young boy struggling to swim in the park’s pond. He promptly jumped down to the water’s edge and helped the boy out.

Photographer Darren Hatt posted photos of the incident to his Facebook page, where they’ve been shared over five hundred times.

Hatt Photography

A group of kids followed the couple around while they took photos in Victoria Park, Brittany told HuffPost. Neither she nor Hatt noticed that one boy had fallen into the water until Clayton sprang into action.

“It was my turn to get my solo pictures taken so Clay was hanging out by the pond waiting,” Brittany told HuffPost. “We had three kids following us around [and] Clay noticed there was only two kids he could see... he walked over to check on them and noticed the kids looking at the water and one kid was struggling to swim, so Clay jumped down on a rock ledge closer to the water and pulled him out.”

The kids continued hanging out in the park after the incident, and the Cooks enjoyed the rest of their wedding night, Brittany added. The couple didn’t think much of the incident at first but later realized the value of Clayton’s quick thinking.

“Now it’s hitting us more that if we weren’t in the right place at the right time, things may have gone differently and perhaps even tragically,” Brittany said.

Hatt Photography

Congrats to the happy couple!

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