Grooming in Your Car Lately?

It usually a happens at red lights.

You're in your car running errands or worse yet, on your way to a party. As you sit waiting for the red light to change, you absently reach up and... oh. No. A sharp, inflexible, foreign object is growing on your chin.

A whisker! How charming.


You quickly pull down the vanity mirror in your car and yes, there is another one. Just before you flip your visor up you notice the woman in the car behind you making a similar discovery!

Having company in this exercise does not make it more pleasant.

Why does this nasty little discovery always seem to happen in the car? Is it the bright lighting or the idle time?

The cosmetic bag in my purse doesn't contain tweezers. Does yours?

And if it did, would you, could you, see well enough to pluck those little devils out by their stubborn roots?

And of course, personal grooming should be just that, personal, meaning done in private.

Why, I wonder, are my eyebrow hairs re-positioning themselves to my chin?

Mercifully it's not my upper lip yet, but my Granny did have quite the 'stache in her day, so I expect that's on my horizon.


I sat down at my vanity table in the brightest light possible. I gazed into my personal, Hubble Telescope, (aka magnifying mirror), to remove the sneaky beast. And that's when I spotted the worst offender. Dark, at least half an inch long, draped down my cheek. That's long in my book.

How did I miss that one? How many people have seen it? Why didn't my husband spot it and warn me?Argh... I can only hope people thought it was a stray hair from my makeup brush.

I've threatened to go for electrolysis on my chinny-chin-chin and today was the day.

It didn't hurt as badly as I remember. And as a lovely, extra little bonus, the woman who was zapping me hadn't just eaten a garlic and onion sandwich prior to leaning over my face.

From previous experience I know it's not a one shot deal. It takes several zaps to kill most of these little darlings, but at least I've started their death knell.

Is it just me?

Have you spotted the woman in your rear view mirror hunting for strays?