Groom's Cake Is Replica Of Mississippi State Football Stadium (PHOTO)

This groom's cake is every football lover's dream.

Mississippi State University football fan Tristan Rawson tweeted a photo of the groom's cake served at his wedding on Saturday. Even people who don't know a first down from a touchdown will be able to appreciate the attention to detail -- check it out below:


Rawson told HuffPost Weddings that his mother, who is not a professional cake decorator, made the cake. It took her three months to research and build the massive cake, which included a scoreboard that lit up.

"I have been a die hard Mississippi State fan since I was a kid and told my mom that I wanted a MSU-themed groom's cake. Little did I know the extent she would go to!" Rawson said.

Click through the slideshow below for photos of more creative groom's cakes.

Groom's Cakes

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