These 12 Groom's Cakes Will Make You Rethink Wedding Desserts Altogether

If you've been to a wedding recently, you may have noticed something a little different in the dessert department: an additional cake void of tiers, flowers and miniature bride-and-groom cake toppers.

It's called a groom's cake, and it's awesome.

Don't get us wrong, we still love a classic wedding cake (oh so pretty!), but since the groom's cake is traditionally a gift from the bride to the groom, it's usually a bit less formal and a little more fun.

Below, we've gathered 12 of the coolest groom's cakes from around the web for your viewing pleasure.

"The wedding I attended this weekend had a pretty sweet groom's cake" -- mrtitkins

"The groom's cake my wife surprised me with at our wedding" -- arezlee

"My groom's cake" -- kcatc

"My friend's last name is Pringle. Here is his groom's cake" -- El_Papelerito

"My friend's groom's cake for his wedding" -- asoneva

"My buddy got married last weekend. This was his groom's cake"-- streetchemist

"I'm getting married today! This is my maple bacon flavored Groom's cake!" -- TheGamesta

"Married 4 years today! Figured r/gaming might enjoy our grooms cake" -- AdmanUB

"8bit Zelda themed groom's 'cake' my wife had made for our wedding" -- jzooor

"I surprised my now husband with this groom's cake at our wedding this weekend" -- MagicWidow

"A&M groom's cake with Bevo's horns sawed off" -- MidwestDrummer

"The only thing I contributed to my wedding... The Groom's Cake" -- striker1122

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