Grooms Get Emotional Seeing Their Brides And We All Collectively Swoon

These grooms don't even need to say "I do." Their reactions say it for them.

In the video montage above, grooms react to seeing their brides for the first time -- and suffice it to say, it's touching in the best possible way.

Joel Hannigan, one of the grooms featured in the video above, told The Huffington Post what was going through his head:

I remember the moment I first saw Kate. I may not have cried like all the other guys but I was so excited just to see her and be with her the rest of the day -- and our lives. We spent a lot of our relationship living in two different cities. I was through with waiting. We just wanted to be together.

"The First Look" video, created and produced by Mitchell Reilly Pictures, has received more than 500,000 views since it was posted to YouTube on Jan. 9.

"I think 'The First Look' is such a hit because of everyone's desire for a love that's on display here," Nick Mirka of Mitchell Reilly Pictures told HuffPost.

"For those of us married, the video is affirming," he added. "For those who are engaged, it is exciting. For those who are single, it gives hope."

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