This Is What Grooms Do While The Bride Is Getting Ready

This Is What Grooms Do While The Bride Is Getting Ready

With all the hoopla surrounding the bride on her wedding day, it's easy to forget there's another person getting married too: the groom.

Left to his own devices while the bride spends hours on hair and make-up, a groom must find small moments in which to make the day his own -- and there's no better time than with his best friends in his groomsmen photos.

Here are nine grooms and their groomsmen who quite simply had the best time ever.

BAM! This guy's getting married today.

Posted to Flickr by Szarmack Photography, effects by Josh Hoye.

This groom nose what's up.

Posted by Redditor silverpixiefly

The Dark Knight rises... for his wedding!

Posted by Redditor TheYazmanian

Way to evolve bro!

Posted by Redditor kittyfodder

It's a little too late to run.

Posted by Redditor Dances_With_Labias

Oh. My. God. Look at that ring!

Posted by Redditor sniper217

These aren't loaded right?

Posted by Redditor jdstiffler

Classic Brady Bunch shot.

Posted to Imgur

Minecraft for life!

Posted by Redditor relateiyo, photo by : EV Photography

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