Groomzilla: Yes Men Care About Their Weddings

We've all heard of and maybe dealt with a "Bridezilla" -- a bride who is stressed out and takes it out on everyone else. But have you had to endure a "Groomzilla" yet?

Good Morning America reports that more men are taking an interest in their wedding plans than ever before. One wedding planner interviewed on the show said that about three quarters of brides bring their husbands-to-be along to appointments, rather than just bringing mom.

Is this a bad thing? The term "groomzilla" brings to mind a guy who wants full control of every little detail, but the ABC report actually focuses on grooms chipping in to help reduce the stress of planning and because they view the process as "important stage of a new couple's partnership together." It makes sense: why wouldn't both people want to be part of making these decisions?

Especially considering the cost factor.

ABC asks if "real men" plan weddings? It shouldn't come as a surprise that "real men" would care about planning what's often the most expensive party a couple will ever throw. With the average American wedding costing $27,800 according to The Knot, both parties should have a say in where cash is going, especially when they, not their parents, are footing the bill.

If brides and grooms are taking an equal interest in their nuptials perhaps we can stop declaring either party a "zilla" and accept that both women and men are -- and have good reason to be -- very involved in planning their weddings.