12 Disgusting Alcoholic Drinks We Dare You To Try. Triple Dog Dare You.

12 Disgusting Alcoholic Drinks We Dare You To Try. Triple Dog Dare You.

Getting drunk is a popular and near-worldwide pastime. It wouldn't be if we all had to get there on any of the drinks below.

1. The Mac & Cheese 'Shot'
Cheese rum (powdered cheese mix and rum)

Take the age-old recipe, add some rum and create what Satan probably serves at his dinner parties.

mac and cheese shot

2. Chicha

This Latin American corn-based beer is traditionally created by using human saliva to break down starches into sugars. The finished product is actually boiled before serving, meaning it is a sterile product. So, mmm, yeah, drink up.


3. Smoker's Cough

Smoking is bad for you. This vile shot can't be much better.

smokers cough

4. Prairie Chicken
Raw egg yolk
Salt and pepper

An alternative to the Prairie Oyster (bourbon, Tabasco sauce, and a raw egg), which also sounds awful.

prairie chicken

5. Gilpin Family Whisky
Urine of elderly diabetics

This wonderful concoction is the artistic statement of James Gilpin and unfortunately isn't sold in stores, so put your car keys down. Gilpin takes the urine of two diabetic patients daily, extracts the high sugar content, then uses that sugar in the fermentation of whisky production. Well, obviously!

urine whisky

6. Beer & Milk (Horse Jizz)
50% beer
50% milk

100% terrible. Two ingredients never meant to be mixed and a drink that should never be uttered.

beer and milk

7. Baby Mice Wine
Rice wine
Baby mice

Traditionally a "health tonic" in Chinese and Korean cultures, baby mice are taken shortly after birth, eyes still closed, and dropped alive into a jug of rice wine. The wine is left to ferment and anyone who has ever owned a pet rodent exits the room never to return again. After the wine is imbibed, the mice are eaten. Vomit.

baby mice wine

8. Eggermeister
Pickled egg

This is a pickled egg soaked in Jager, then placed in a glass, which is then filled with more Jager. Think very carefully: Is a pickled egg ever an ingredient in anything you've willingly consumed? It's an important question.


9. Tapeworm Shot
Tabasco Sauce
Squeeze from a mayonnaise bottle

"Squeeze from a mayonnaise bottle" is easily in contention for the worst five-word phrase in history.

tapeworm shot

10. Infected Whitehead Shot
Bloody Mary mix
Spoonful of cottage cheese

You still with us? Impressive.

infected whitehead shot

11. Snake Bile Wine
Bile extracted from live cobra
Rice wine

Go ahead and get yourself one live cobra. Give him a good name. Slinky's a good snake name. Now cut him open, remove his gallbladder and extract the sweet, sweet bile. Mix that with rice wine and serve to anyone who enjoys harnessing the power of cobra bile.

cobra bile wine

12. The Kim Jong Un Nuclear Bomb
1 Big Mac
1 McDonald's large fries
1 McDonald's tangy BBQ sauce
1 McDonald's milk shake (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla mixed)
1 McDonald's apple pie

This is perhaps the ultimate WTF. What better way to stick it to the North Korean dictator than to throw the most American of food items into a blender, add vodka, and (try to) get drunk? Don't watch it being made and consumed.

kim jong un nuclear bomb

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