16 Universally Gross Things No One Really Talks About

Ew. Just ... ew.

 1. Looking at your tissue to see what's there after you've blown your nose into it.

 2. The smell of earrings. And the crust that falls off on the back. 

3. Mouthguards. Are they guarding your mouth, or the bacteria colonies inside it?

4. Phones. You never actually clean your phone, and you touch it to your hands and face regularly. Often in the bathroom. 

5. Blowing your nose after cleaning, just to get the dust out.

6. The bottom of your shoes. Really, think about where you've been.

7. Browning guacamole. Looks gross, but you didn't notice, because you already devoured it.

8. The smell of clipped toenails. 

9. Things under your beard. Full of mystery. Gross, disgusting mystery.

10. Waking up with drool crust in the corners of your mouth and/or on your pillow.

11. When you buy a bathing suit with that plastic crotch lining and you KNOW someone's bare lady bits have been there before.

12. When there's crust on your silverware but you're too hungry to ask for a new set.

13. Crotch sweat. It's there. You know it is. We all know it is.

14. When was the last time you washed your jeans? Yeah.

15. Cleaning out a hairbrush. Did you run something over on the highway with it?

16. Using the same dish-cleaning sponge for way too long. Are you even cleaning the dishes at this point?


Thanks to HuffPost editors Chanel Parks and Renee Ernst for giving their best grossed-out faces!


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