Ground Up's 'Let's Ride' Is Your New Summer Party Anthem

We love Ground Up here at the Huffington Post, and our choice to award the Philly rap trio a spot in our 20 artists to watch at the beginning of the year has only been further cemented by the release of their new single, "Let's Ride." This is the first release from their upcoming project, "Mega" -- after pushing 11 mixtapes, this will be the first album they will be selling -- and the movement has never felt stronger. Azar and Malakai's brazen rhymes are smartly paired with horn-staccato punches and bass rumbles provided by Bij Lincs. The video was shot in Bucks County, partying in the back of a truck as it cruises through the woods, proving that all you need to have a good time is good friends, dope beats and, of course, Super Soakers.

You can purchase "Let's Ride" on iTunes now.