Groupon's Offensive Super Bowl Ad Makes Tibetan Cause Relevant Again

Guys, seriously, Groupon did a good thing, okay? Because after they aired that Super Bowl ad about Tibetans-being-oppressed-but-who-gives-a-shit-when-we-can-save-money (above), we're actually talking about Tibet today. And when's the last time anyone talked about Tibet? At a Bjork concert in 2008? Groupon's made Tibet hip to talk about again! I mean, sure, talk is cheap, but so are things you buy with Groupons!

Also: Groupon actually aired that ad out of the goodness of their hearts, and are tying the ad to The Tibet Fund, where they'll match your donations up to $100,000. (Never mind that, by comparison, their Super Bowl spots cost them $3 million.) That's like giving a dime for every Tibetan who's died in their political struggle with China over the last 60 years. 10 cents per human life, talk about bargains!

The other good deed Groupon performed? Relegating an ongoing political struggle for self-rule and religious freedom to a "noble cause" in line with whale and rainforest-saving. And we all know that "noble cause" is code for "bumper sticker cause" or "t-shirt cause," which means we can all buy the bumper sticker or t-shirt for the cause -- with a Groupon, I dare hope -- and then stop thinking about the noble cause altogether. Oh hell, we don't even need to buy the bumper sticker or t-shirt, we can just let other liberal bleeding-heart suckers do it for us. Not to beat a dead Lama here, but, again, that means more savings for us!

And after we've moved on from our daily dose of morning outrage and on to our second coffee, we can entertain other important matters, like... lunch!

For some weird reason, I'm craving Tibetan fish curry. But only if I can get it for cheap without lifting a goddamn finger.