Grover Norquist: Why 2012 Election Was Actually Good For GOP (VIDEO)

WATCH: Grover Norquist Spins Election Results As GOP Win

Conservative Grover Norquist joined HuffPost Live Wednesday to explain why he believes the 2012 election actually brought good news for the Republican party.

"When the dust settled at the end of the Election Day, the status quo that we got was the status quo that followed the 2010 election, which was very good for the Republicans," Norquist told host Alicia Menendez, citing Republican control of the House and similar levels of Republicans in the Senate, despite Democratic control of the White House.

"The Republicans are as strong as they were after 2010, and that was considered a devastating body blow to the Obama administration and Democratic hopes," he said. "What's been crushing for Republicans is that they had hopes of taking the Senate and the presidency. That didn't happen."

Norquist also focused on state gains, noting that the GOP controls more governorships and state legislatures than at any time since 1920.

"While in Washington, DC you sort of have this loggerhead where they're not raising taxes but they're not really cutting spending and they're not creating programs, at the state level you have more than 20 states that the Republicans control that can move to become Hong Kong or Texas as quickly as they want to, and there are 13 states where the Democrats have complete control...and they can turn themselves into Greece or California as quickly as they want," he said. "The American people can look at the 50 states and say: what works?"

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