How To Grow Thicker Eyebrows Like Emma Watson And Camilla Belle (VIDEO)

The secret to getting that Kate Middleton brow.

Maybe you weren't born with brows like Emma Watson or Camilla Belle, but that doesn't mean you can't change your destiny. Well, sort of.

Every season, we hear that bold eyebrows are back and bolder than ever, and with the slew of pencils, powders and tinted gels available you can easily enhance what you (don't) have. But what about physically growing more hair?

As we see in the video above, it's important to turn to a professional when getting over-plucked brows back on the right track. A pro will help you find the best shape for your face. In between visits, only focus on stray hairs. And never pluck above the brow, only below the brow bone. While patience will get you far, there are plenty of lash-growing serums (like Latisse) that used off-label can similarly boost brow hairs. Another repurposed option is Rogaine, the hair loss medication, which can also be directly applied to brows.

Would you use hair growth formulas to grow thicker eyebrows? Let us know your success stories in the comments. And if you need any reminders on what happens when tweezing goes wrong, check out these 41 cautionary tales:

Pamela Anderson, 1990s

Famous Over-Plucked Eyebrows

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