Grow Up, Man Up, And Accept Fake News?

When our legislators disregard truth and give in to infantile impulses, the results are a sight to see.

Rep. Patrick Neville, the leader of the Colorado House Republicans, called me a “snowflake” for asking him, in a blog post last week, to remove news from his Facebook page that’s been retracted by CBS and the Associated Press.

Being a snowflake, and proud of it, I was crushed by the snowflake accusation, but I glued myself together and wondered what was up with Neville.

When I contacted him last week, I thought he and I would quickly agree that he should cleanse the Kaepernick “news” from his Facebook page. It was thought to be accurate when he shared it October 17, but not anymore.

But, alas, no, he didn’t agree. Instead, he tweeted this at me:

Neville: @BigMediaBlog needs to stop being such a #snowflake. End the #fakeoutrage #growup #moveoutofmomsbasement

He thinks I should move out of my mom’s basement?

I kind of regret moving out of my mom’s basement decades ago, because she’s such a great person, and I miss her, like all good snowflakes miss their mothers.

That’s part of being a snowflake.

I have to say, though, I’m not a snowflake because I don’t want to see falsehoods on the Facebook page of one of the state’s top Republican lawmakers. That’s just common sense for everyone, snowflake or not.

On Twitter, Neville called my blog post “fake news.”

He referred to an an “update” on the Kaepernick “news” that he posted, saying there “are conflicting reports now on whether Kaepernick would or wouldn’t stand for the national anthem.”

But, again, both AP and CBS retracted the Kaepernick news, so it’s false to assert that “Kaepernick tells CBS he’ll stand during national anthem.”

So the news is demonstrably false based on the actions of the news outlets he’s citing on his own Facebook page. And you can here how Snopes arrives at the same conclusion in a broader way.

I reached out to Neville again for this blog post, and I’m still hoping to hear back from him. It’s unusual for him to back off from any debate, especially with a snowflake like me.