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Growing A Greener World: The Rodale Institute!

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Watching yourself on TV is kind of weird. But I have to say, Joe Lamp'l (also known as "joe gardener"!) made it really easy for me. He's one of the hosts of Growing a Greener World, a TV series on Public Television. Out of the blue, he and his cohost Patti Moreno (a.k.a. "Garden Girl") emailed the Rodale Institute and wanted to shoot one of their episodes out there and interview me and my daughter Maya.

So on a very hot August day (it's amazing we don't look more sweaty on the show!), they came to Pennsylvania with their camera crew and interviewed us, and shot some amazingly beautiful footage of the farm. They were so excited about what they found at the farm that they hired an airplane so they could get aerial footage! Most importantly, they captured the amazing results of this year's side-by-side chemical corn versus organic corn test results.... You have to see it to believe it!

Normally I don't care for being on TV, but they really made it fun and easy. Growing a Greener World is a nationally distributed show about "the latest trends in ecofriendly living," plus gardening and cooking. They also filmed an episode at this summer's Seed Savers Campout, which I attended and wrote about. Check out the show's website, to see what this great show is all about. And if you can't get to the Rodale Institute farm yourself for a visit, the show featuring it is the next best thing for sure. It premieres this weekend, but times and dates vary. So check it your local public-television listings, and tune it! Check here for your local listing time.

Watch this trailer for the show to get a great taste of organic at the Rodale Institute!

You can listen to a podcast that Joe did with me as well. It turns out some strange public-television editing rules made him remove the part where I talked about the health problems associated with chemical agriculture, so you can hear the whole story on the podcast. Or, if you want the FULL story, buy my book, Organic Manifesto.

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