Growing A Local Peace Economy

“I’ve been damaged; I’ve been broken; I’ve been ’buked; I’ve been scorned. I’ve been unready for manhood and unready for my humanity. I’ve made so many mistakes in my life, hurt so many people, and hurt myself on far too many occasions. Out of that pain and trauma I found the will to live in a way I did not think possible. Today and for the rest of my life I believe in peace. I believe in love. I believe in therapy. I believe in healing. I believe in self-care. I believe in myself. And I humbly ask and pray that those I’ve disrespected or wounded in some way in my past, live to forgive me.” – Kevin Powell

Daily Practice: What can you do to learn about someone who has had a different experience of life than yours? Listening is important, as is reading. Barbara Ehrenreich wrote recently “the pauperization of grassroots journalism now means only the privileged can afford to write about poverty anymore.” Take the time to listen and read. Compassion is core to growing Local Peace Economies.

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