5 Simple Ways To Get Through That Awkward Growing-Out Hair Phase


The awkward hair phase known as "growing it out" can sometimes be ... well, awkward. But, that doesn't have to stop you from getting creative.

It's time to get inspired to style your hair through this transition period, whether it be the pixie that's now past your ears or the lob you've waited months for.

Here are five ways you can transform your growing-out hair phase.

Add some color.
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A cool dye job could be the key to amping up your style -- whether you go for a honey shade this summer or a pastel combination like Kylie Jenner. If anything, these haircuts are pretty convincing.
Get hair extensions.
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Jennifer Lawrence recently revealed that her "growing-out style" is made possible by hair pieces. If you want a fuller look, or just want a desired length quicker, then get yourself some good hair extensions.
Flaunt the front...
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It no longer has to be awkward that your hair is longer in the front and shorter in the back. Of course, our girl Lupita Nyong'o inspires the range of styles you can create with just one section of your hair -- pompadours and updos galore!
Or bring it back.
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Get creative with your pixie or undercut by sectioning it off into individual braids or twists. Take a cue from our very own HuffPost Photo Editor and Photographer Raydene Salinas (pictured bottom), who styles her undercut in rad ways -- yes, those are two lovely French braids.
Finally, tame those layers.
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So you got layers, but now they're getting in your way. No worries! Try half updos, which involve pulling parts of your hair into buns or ponytails, while letting the rest hang. This calls for an edgy romantic look, like Sarah Hyland's.

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