Growing Takes Work...

Woman holding a growing plant
Woman holding a growing plant

I remember as a young 12 year old girl, I couldn't wait to grow a pair of huge BREAST as big as the ones I saw on adult women. I would stuff some tissue paper in my school socks and tuck them in the nice bikini top, I wore under my uniform, the pink one with the blue stripes, my Aunt Joy bought me from Italy. That's how much I wanted my breasts to grow...the same breasts, I now wish...20 years after, would go down a cup size, just because of the amount of EFFORT it takes to keep them firm and beautiful even after one child. (See, why you need to be careful what you wish for) Ha ha.

Time Vs Work

I now realize that fixating on it was so pointless...especially since I have learned that Growing old takes time...And Growing up takes WORK. Darn! But I have also learned that you don't GROW by just ageing. You actually grow WISE by feeding and nurturing your you do your body or your favorite plant. Of course if you abandon a plant without watering it daily, giving it sunlight and tending to it, it will wither.

As Albert Einstein said, “The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know.”

Checking The Growth Bank Account

How often do you check your growth bank balance - to see how much progress you have banked, if you have banked anything at all?

Well, from time to time i do a personal inventory. This year I have read 63 books (55 eBooks and 8 Physical books - I’m on the 9th - James Allen’s MIND IS THE MASTER: The Complete Treasury with all 19 of his books in 866 pages - a gift from my father) hence the reason I couldn’t come up with an answer for my favorite book when Ugandan Podcaster DAUDI MUGABI had asked me that last question on his amazing podcast BUSINESS MIC. How could I have - I read too many books.

Plus I have visited over 380 Blogs & Websites, Bought Online Products (From Membership Subscription to Widgets and Plug-ins), Attended 15 Webinars, 8 Tele-Summits, Listened to 25 different Podcasts on Acting, Marketing, Business, Blogging, World Politics, Spirituality, Entertainment and Self Development (excluding my own interviews).

I have Participated in 8 Virtual Workshops, taken 10 Different Online Courses...I have Connected with Influencers and Networked with them...(Plus I have loads of events that I missed, and somehow couldn't make because of the crazy time difference).

I have made investments in myself. And I have to do the check and balance to see if I am getting results from everything I have poured in to my growth.

Now somewhere between all of these, as a content creator myself - I have to create my Own ORIGINAL Content for My Blog, Radio, Book, Podcast, Coaching, Community, Academy, Magazine et all (plus promote them)... And I still have to Feature in Movies as an Actor, whenever I can, Attend Business Meetings, Speak at Events and Do Interviews around the world... And oh, I still have to raise my son too. (So about that excuse you're planning to spring up) Honestly, You are not more BUSY than I am.

Then Vs Now

The beauty of growth is in the side by side comparison between then and now...or perhaps yesterday and today. You probably gained some information today, that you didn’t have yesterday or you achieved a goal today that you couldn’t achieve a few months ago - And that is a milestone worth celebrating.

If you are an avid follower of my personal blog, then you must remember when I first designed it...What it looked like then? And what it looks like now? Have you noticed the changes? The GROWTH? Aren't you surprised that a woman with no computer background or web knowledge can configure, design and manage her own websites herself, 100% and I'm loving it.

What's the point I'm trying to make? See, my blog isn’t the same way it was when I started it in 2014. I am NOT the same person I was, when I began this year (I'm sure you too have changed as well as the months have passed)...But I'm also referring to the Metamorphosis, that culminates from Mental Achievements. Something I have achieved from constantly challenging myself and building a keen love affair with the internet.

The Value Of The Internet

The Internet and Social Media have become valuable resources and Learning Tools if used properly. It can be used for so much more, than just reading Breaking News, Gossip or Posting Pictures for 'Likes' and Validation that add no extra value.

How do you use it? Do you use it to GROW?

Well, I know that you can use it for what it can really offer You, because It has made information GLOBAL and put the world in your palms.

Do The Work

If you want to Grow, you will have to seek it out and do the work that it takes. Researching, Learning, Connecting, Collaborating, For you are not going to live long enough to EXPERIENCE everything yourself. So its beneficial to feed off the WISDOM and EXPERIENCE of other people...because you can NEVER know it all by yourself.

Take what you can and GROW with it...and don't stop GROWING!

To be Adult is way different from being GROWN. So even though my breasts sprung out at 16 and by 21, I was already an adult. I can't compare the woman I was 10 years ago, to the Woman, I am today. Not because I am ageing but because everyday, I am not afraid to invest in myself - and nurture my own growth.

I am not ashamed to keep building my brand, my emotional intelligence and seek for any valuable information that can make me a better person and help me create more impact in the lives of others.

I am consistently learning something NEW daily, that I am applying and using to grow wiser.

So what about YOU? What are you doing NOW to grow? I’m always happy to provide support for those who want to grow and accomplish their goals in the process.

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Stay Authentic & Keep Winning!

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