Growing Up With Judy Blume: A Retrospective

Let's revisit the eight most important Judy Blume books of all time and remember why we loved them, what they taught us, and--most importantly--that legendary moment that made us cringe every single time.

8. Deenie

Why you loved it: Elizabeth, New Jersey. 1973. Deenie's family owns a gas station. This is the stuff Bruce Springsteen songs are made of.

What it taught you: When life hands you adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, make friends with a classmate with eczema.

Legendary cringe-worthy moment: When Deenie's sister Helen has to help her with her pad when she gets her period after her brace is fastened.

7. Tiger Eyes

Why you loved it: Wolf. This was also probably the only Judy Blume book that made you cry actual tears of despair.

What it taught you: Sometimes, you've just got to let go. Only not when you're rock-climbing.

Legendary cringe-worthy moment: When Davey's friend Jane, the budding alcoholic, gets drunk and throws up on the car.

6. Starring Sally J. Freedman As Herself

Why you loved it: If you're Jewish, Ma Fanny reminded you of your own grandmother. If you're not Jewish, then this book probably didn't really affect you.

What it taught you: The pool may be safer than the ocean, but that doesn't mean you should stop going to the beach.

Legendary cringe-worthy moment: When Sally asks why her babysitter always signs her letters "love and other indoor sports."

5. Here's To You, Rachel Robinson

Why you loved it: Rachel's family might have made you want to scream, but Charles actually sounded kind of attractive.

What it taught you: Even if it's true, don't tell anybody that you enjoy organizing your socks on Saturday night. It also taught you the word "fusty."

Legendary cringe-worthy moment: When Rachel has to wear morning sickness pressure bands on the bus to Ellis Island to prevent her from throwing up.

4. Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret

Why you loved it: In all honesty, you probably didn't love this one as much as some of the others, but if you did love it, it was probably because of the mention of a sanitary belt, which prompted a lot of follow-up questions.

What it taught you: God probably doesn't care about your burgeoning menarche. Nor, for that matter, does anyone else.

Legendary cringe-worthy moment: "I must, I must increase my bust!"

3. Just As Long As We're Together

Why you loved it: Jeremy Dragon.

What it taught you: When your new best friend tells you that her dog can talk, chances are she's pulling your leg.

Legendary cringe-worthy moment: Stephanie's mom and the jazzercise. (Can anyone say 1987?)

2. Then Again, Maybe I Won't

Why you loved it: It was at once horrifying and hilarious to journey into the mind of a thirteen-year-old boy. Mostly it was horrifying.

What it taught you: Literally everything you ever needed to know about boys ever. Also to always close your blinds.

Legendary cringe-worthy moment: Tony's decision to wear a raincoat to math class, rain or shine.

1. Forever

Why you loved it: It was the perfect book to read aloud at summer camp and sleepovers.

What it taught you: If you have sex, you (probably) won't get pregnant. Or die.

Legendary cringe-worthy moment: Ralph.