3 Sisters Open Up About Growing Up With A Mom Who Admits She's An Alcoholic

"My mom is an alcoholic, and it's really gotten out of hand. My mom drinks every day, all day ... I would definitely classify my mom as a hostile or mean drunk. She becomes a completely different person when she's drinking." — Autumn, 16.

"My mom's drinking has spiraled so far out of control that I'm not even sure I can have a relationship with her anymore." — Riley, 18.

"I feel disgusted by my mother. I do not speak to my mother anymore." — Devin, 24.

Watch the video above as these three sisters share more about what their life has been like, how they say the situation has deteriorated, and why they say life would be better without her.

Can the entire family get the help they need? Watch more here from Thursday's episode of Dr. Phil.