Black Twitter Nailed What It Was Like #GrowingUpBlack

Who really needs a measuring cup to make Kool-Aid, anyway?

Remember when street lights were a cue for curfew? Or when sliced bread was an easy resort for hotdog buns? Maybe even when electronic fans were used as makeshift autotune microphones? Or Country Crock containers as tupperware for leftovers?

These moments signified some of the most commonly shared black childhood memories and -- while many of them are still relevant -- Twitter reminisced on these relatable experiences and more on Tuesday with #GrowingUpBlack.

The hashtag quickly became a trending topic as hundreds of black Twitter users shared their thoughts online. This wasn’t the first time the hashtag trended but it still exemplified the perfect combination of nostalgia, honesty and humor.

See for yourselves below:

#GrowingUpBlack showed the moments of our childhood that made our lives anything but mundane.

Even outsiders were envious:

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