Here's A Grown Man Jumping Into A Ball Pit. For Journalism.


Life is much like jumping into a giant ball pit. It's unpredictable, uncontrollable and you'll spend most of your time looking stupid.

UK-based creative agency Pearlfisher believes in using unique ways to drive and inspire creativity in its people. In celebration of creativity, Pearlfisher constructed a ballpit using 81,000 plastic balls, then allowed friends, family and the public to play around in it.

Your humble HuffPost Comedy page editor and Senior Ball Pit Correspondent had the chance to get to the bottom of this story at Pearlfisher's New York office.

The facts were not going to simply fall into my lap. It was going to take uncompromising journalistic willpower to uncover the who, what, where and why of this story.

That little girl gets it.
That little girl gets it.

I was going to have to dive in head first, majestic and beautiful like the soaring eagle, the noble stallion or the broken lawn chair.

One way or another, dear readers, I would dig, dig, dig, until all proverbial stones were overturned. Mark my words, the facts of this story would see the light of day!

If I had to stay at the scene all night long, well, dammit, that's just the price I was willing to pay to uncover the truth.

There is no turning back now, for I am fully cocooned in this world and its secrets. All that remains is my transformative emergence, richer in the truth than I was pre-ball pit.

More on this critical story as it develops.


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