Grown Man Snags Baseball Over Little Girl, And Fans Aren't Letting It Slide

A controversial clip of a souvenir baseball catch scored a heated Twitter discussion.

A five-second clip of a man snagging a baseball from over the heads of children at a Washington Nationals game is causing a heated debate on Twitter.

The clip, originally shared by @GinaHilliard33 on Thursday, shows a little girl raising her glove to signal for a souvenir baseball from Nationals’ right fielder Joey Meneses.

“Grown man steals baseball from little girl,” the user wrote while asking for the outfielder to sign a baseball for her daughter, who is presumably in the video.

A baseball soars over and heads toward the young fan when a man with a Nationals jersey for Juan Soto, a former player with the team, swoops in for a major steal.

The clip resurfaced again on Tuesday following a tweet from baseball media brand JomBoy Media.

“This is it. The worst one of all-time,” the brand wrote.

The clip’s reemergence comes a week after a fan, who allegedly has a history stealing home runs from younger fans, infuriated viewers when he swiped a ball out of the glove of a teen at a Kansas City Royals game.

Twitter users swiftly sparked a debate over who deserved to grab the souvenir ball, with one user saying the girl got “beat at her own game” while trying to reach in front of another kid.

Others bashed the adult and called the move “embarrassing” considering the ball’s worth.

Twitter users who claimed to be at the game came to the man’s defense and alleged the kids in the video got tons of souvenir balls during the game.

The Nationals decided to skip past the heated discussion and replied to the user who posted the clip last week.

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