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10 Unmistakable Signs That You're In A Grown-Up's Apartment (PHOTOS)

The glaringly obvious one: No Bob Marley posters.

How do you know if you're an actual adult? These days, it can be hard to tell. We've known people who are definitely of an adult age, in an adult relationship and hold an actual career, but had the maturity level somewhere south of 15. Unofficially, we've determined that the condition of one's apartment or home can tell you if you're in the company of a real, genuine grown-up, or someone who still thinks of a Bob Marley poster as high art. No pun intended.

Here are the 10 signs that you're in a grown-up's apartment. We can aspire to all 10, but the minimum number of signs you can check-off and still be considered an adult is about six. Unofficially.

1. Actual hand towels in the bathroom. Not bath towels.
hand towels
Flickr photo by kpwerker

2. Framed art and/or photos. Not taped or tacked onto the wall. And definitely no Bob Marley memorabilia.
framed art
Flickr photo by Decor8

3. Non-essential furniture. Think ottomans, poufs and anything with some level of style that just screams "disposable income."
Flickr photo by mpieracci

4. Living flowers or plants. The most elusive sign of maturity and a healthy work/life balance.

Flickr photo by SunToad

5. Matching dishes. Even if they're from IKEA. We all know the difference between "stylishly mismatched" and "I've had these since college, as denoted by all the chipped edges. P.s. There might be ceramic in that soup."

Flickr photo by sassyradish

6. An actual bed -- not a mattress-on-the-floor situation. Bonus points for bedding beyond a comforter and flat pillows.

Flickr photo by Holley & Gill

7. Cloth napkins and/or a tablecloth. This is a sign of "Advanced Adulthood" and that you'll be having something other than pizza at this person's house.

Flickr photo by Dinner Series

8. The right glasses for the right beverages. At the very least, actual wine glasses. Because no one wants to drink their wine out of a Charlie Brown mug.

Flickr photo by Dinner Series

9. Curtains. A window with a set of mini-blinds which angle jauntily to one side has become a blight. Stop the madness.

Flickr photo by ooh_food

10. A dining table. It doesn't have to be big. It just has to be the alternative to "hunched over the coffee table" and "hunched over the kitchen sink."
grownup apartment

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