Growth and Adaptability Equates to Success

Each New Year’s Eve the clock ticks midnight and we all have the opportunity to start anew with a clean slate. We look at the year ahead and plan out the goals that we hope to achieve. We have learned what worked in the past and, equally important, what didn’t. Then, we head off on a mission to be successful.

It’s so easy in the beauty industry to become some what complacent. Sometimes complacency occurs because we become content or because the status quo behavior seems to be working just fine. Other time it may feel too scary to change things up.

In order to grow in the beauty-business you must be able to adapt with the changing times. This means advanced techniques, new social media marketing methods, sophisticated appointment booking software and cutting-edge equipment. Understandably, some of you may feel uncomfortable just reading a list like this, let alone trying to conquer adopting it. However, just because these items may be out of your box and change seems scary to pursue, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. After all, you’re already well established, so, why not take it to the next level?

I have always said that people grow the most when they are uncomfortable. It’s easy to worry ourselves to death in such a convincing way that we believe taking a specific path couldn’t possibly workout. Over thinking items like this can lead to being paralyzed, even to the point of chickening out completely which results in no action at all. However, it’s so important for us to be forward thinking and open to learning new concepts and ideas.

Adaptability is the key when you’re presented with new information. Don’t look at it as intimidating, look at it as an opportunity. Loose your fear, be open minded, and keep your faith. Then, get ready to make great things happen this year!

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