Growth Matters: Do You Know How To Drive It?


By Brand Learning

One of the biggest enigmas in business may just have been cracked. After conducting an extensive study into how the world’s leading companies drive growth, Brand Learning has uncovered the new Growth Code for future success. The code reveals what it takes in practice to create a growth-ready organisation, energised by involved employees and fuelled by momentum-driving leaders.

Steered by a global advisory board chaired by Niall FitzGerald, former Chairman of Unilever and current Chairman of Brand Learning, and working with partners from across the industry, the study has revealed invaluable insights from Chairmen, CEOs and senior executives across Marketing, HR and Sales. Highlights from the research into companies such as Diageo, Unilever, Dyson, and Microsoft are set out in the following infographic:


Learn how to crack the Growth Code yourself with a panel of leading professionals at Advertising Week Europe, on Monday 18th April at 11.45 AM. In the ‘Secrets of Growth Drivers: Sitting still & being complacent is a fatal mistake’, Kerris Bright CMO Virgin Media, Nathan Ansell Global Director M&S Loyalty, Customer Insights & Analytics, Pete Markey CMO Post Office and Hayley Spurling Group Client and Brand VP Brand Learning will share their experience and advice, first-hand, on the growth-ready practices you can adopt to catalyse the growth of your organisation.

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