GRPN: Everything You Need To Know About Groupon's IPO (UPDATED)

Daily deals behemoth Groupon priced its initial public offering late on Thursday night.

Hailed as the biggest internet IPO since Google Inc went public in 2004, Groupon upped both its offering price and the number of shares it would offer. Still, the company's valuation sits far below its estimates when it announced its IPO plans back in June.

Groupon starts trading on the Nasdaq on Friday.

Here's everything you need to know about the company's IPO.

Nasdaq ticker name: GRPN
Funds raised: $700 million
Valuation: $12.8 billion
*Valuation at market close on November 4: over $16 billion
Estimated valuation at IPO filing in June: $25 billion

Number of shares offering: 35 million
Total number of shares: over 700 million
Initial share price range: $16 to $18
Price of shares at bell: $20
*Share price as of 10:45 a.m.: $29.52
*Share price at market close on November 4: $26.11
*Peak share price on November 4: $31.14

Date founded: 2008
Number of employees: 10,000
Revenue, as of Q3 2011: $430 million
"Gross billings" Q3 2011: $1.2 billion
"Cumulative customers," as of Q3 2011: 29.5 million

Funds raised by Google's IPO in 2004: $1.7 billion
Google market cap at time of IPO: $23.1 billion
LinkedIn valuation at time of IPO: $4.3 billion

Fun fact: Groupon rejected a buyout deal from Google with $6 billion in 2010.

*Indicates update made during trading day.

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