GrubHub Gets $50 Million Investment, Acquires Campusfood, Allmenus

Online and mobile food delivery service GrubHub has raised $50 million in Series E funding to focus on mobile development and has acquired both and, both under the umbrella of New York-based Dotmenu. With this acquisition, GrubHub claims to now have the largest set of restaurant menu listings in the country -- 250,000 menus -- from over 50 major cities and many more college towns.

Matt Maloney, GrubHub's co-founder and CEO said that the acquisition will allow GrubHub to reach college communities, a demographic it previously did not reach. Additionally, Maloney hopes to eventually take GrubHub public. With the additional of the college market, GrubHub is definitely giving its competitors a run for their money. Check out some other popular online food delivery websites:

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