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Bake Your Own Damn Grumpy Cat Cake, And Then Eat It

Shut up and bake it.

If you're going to go through the effort of baking a cake in the likeness of grumpy cat, the Internet meme sensation, it had better turn out looking pretty damn grumpy. Much to our satisfaction, we found such a cake. Baked by the cook behind Boulder Locavore, this dessert is NOT a joyous-looking cake.

grumpy cat

BUT it is an absolutely perfect rendition of the unhappiest cat we've ever known. And, it looks pretty dang tasty too. Guys, this is the Grumpy Cat cake you've been looking for. Even grumpy cat himself approved -- he started following Boulder Locavore on Twitter once he saw the treat.

Before you get all excited and smile or something, you should know: this cake isn't the simplest thing to bake. Obviously. Head on over the Boulder Locavore and she'll gently walk you through the process.

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