Grumpy Cat's Brother Revealed: Pokey Is An Only Slightly Less Grumpy Cat (PHOTOS)

The Internet is a fickle beast: What's hot online one day may be little more than distant, pixelated memory the next. But against all odds, Tard the Grumpy Cat has survived. And now, news has spread that there is in fact more than one grumpy cat.

Yes, as incredible as it may seem, Tard has a brother. In honor of Friday, we present Pokey, Grump Cat's slightly less grumpy sibling.

grumpy cat brother pokey(Credit:


It's looking like a rather grouchy dynasty for the Grumpy Cat family, which has parlayed their frowns into a website, Twitter handle and devoted fan following.

Tard (real name Tardar Sauce) is actually the 10-month old Snowshoe Siamese kitten of Tabatha Bundesen, LaughingSquid reports. The original face that launched a dozen memes has since been memorialized in fan art, T-shirts, mugs, pumpkin carvings and even Halloween costumes.

Not that Tard is amused, of course. She's way too grumpy to be swayed by mere pumpkin carvings. She's a worldwide phenomenon, for heaven's sake.

As BuzzFeed notes in its own slideshow, Pokey seems to have a far more nuanced view of the world than his sister. From playing in the garden to running from the video camera, Pokey's scowl is less "I dislike every last one of you" and more "you and worshiping hordes bore me."

From BuzzFeed:

Pokey doesn't hate you personally, he just finds you to be vaguely contemptuous. This photo shows Pokey registering a generalized disdain for you. Pokey has a much wider range of emotions than his sister, Grumpy Cat.

Indeed. It's hard out there for the slightly less grumpy sibling of Internet celebrities.

Scroll through the slideshow below for more grumpy goodness:



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