15 Puppies That Are Having A Rough Holiday Season

Or should we say ruff?

The end of the year is as known for being full of lights and cheer as it is for being super busy and tiresome. It's also known as another reason to dress your pets in bows and Santa hats in the name of getting a solid seasonal Instagram. 

Puppies are prime candidates for cute holiday pics -- probably something to do with their wide puppy eyes, wet noses and floppy ears. But are these puppies loving these cherished Christmas memories as much as we think they are? 

  • "Rudolph should have ditched Santa ages ago. Bullying isn't cool."
    Cols3 via Getty Images
  • "They know I can't read. Is this one of those dog-shaming signs? Is it?"
    Lambert/Archive Photos via Getty Images
  • "If I hold still enough, she'll probably think I'm a dust bunny and leave me alone."
    DusanManic via Getty Images
  • "I actually can't tell if I have hind legs right now."
    Dorottya_Mathe via Getty Images
  • "You can't hear me, benevolent Rockette, but I'm screaming on the inside."
    TIMOTHY A. CLARY via Getty Images
  • "What have I done to be listed eternally in the Getty archives as 1960s COCKER SPANIEL PUPPY INSIDE CHRISTMAS WREATH LOOKING AT CAMERA? Is that literally my only worth?"
    H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock via Getty Images
  • "My joyful smile masks my insurmountable credit card debt."
    RightCameraman via Getty Images
  • "You asked for a Golden Retriever and got me? Girl, I'm sorry."
    Matthew Lloyd via Getty Images
  • "Janice, I couldn't believe the audacity of Starbucks, either."
    ABC Photo Archives via Getty Images
  • "You let slip to one person that you're an electrician..."
    Martin Poole via Getty Images
  • "I checked. Definitely not the real Santa, but probably one of his minions."
    Glenn Koenig via Getty Images
  • "I only look like I'm smiling because my facial anatomy won't let me do anything else."
    Thomas Strand via Getty Images
  • "You want to know how Santa delivers all those presents? Dog labor. Little known fact."
    Danita Delimont via Getty Images
  • "I can't wait to chew on this tree and barf in the corner later."
    Sherman via Getty Images

Jokes aside, as tempting as it is to give someone a puppy as a gift during the holidays, most pet experts caution against it. A pet is a many-year commitment, one that extends much longer than the life of your fir tree. If you decide to go ahead with the gift-giving, be sure the recipient is ready for the huge responsibility an animal brings with it, and consider adopting an older pet at your local shelter, as many would be psyched to start the new year in a new home.

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals. 


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