Guard Who Beat Inmate at Philadelphia Prison in Video Allowed to Resign


Last year, former City Paper staff writer Dan Denvir obtained video of a guard at Philadelphia's Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility, named Tyrone Glover, beating an inmate named John Steckley. Though the video suggests Steckley may have been mouthing off to Glover, it was, without question, Glover who threw the first punch. But Steckley was ultimately the one charged with assault.

Witnesses had also accused Glover of beating another inmate, Marcellus Temple, who would later be charged with making "terroristic threats." Last October, City Paper published the video evidence it had obtained, but Glover was not charged in either incident, nor was he fired from his job. The story also said that Glover testified in a preliminary hearing that Steckley had thrown a punch at him.

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