Everyone's Missing One Huge Thing In 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'

But James Gunn won't say what.

We all thought the big question from "Guardians of the Galaxy" was who Star-Lord's dad was. But now there's an even bigger mystery: What the hell is James Gunn talking about?

"Guardians" director James Gunn started a World Wide Web frenzy by revealing on Facebook that there's one big Easter egg in "Guardians of the Galaxy" that "no one has found," adding, "Maybe once someone came close."

Then the guesses started coming in.

Someone thought the astronaut in the Collector's Museum was George Clooney's character in "Gravity," while someone else guessed whether it was a Spider-Man appearance, but so far, no one's gotten it.

For those wondering what has already been found, here is a pretty extensive list of Easter eggs from the movie put together by YouTuber Mr. Sunday Movies:

So what could be the one big Easter egg we're all missing? Does it have something to do with Star-Lord's dad? Perhaps there's some obvious Marvel connection we've all missed? Or maybe, as Redditor remmick puts it, "He might be pulling our leg."

Gunn admitted the Howard the Duck post-credit scene was just a joke, so it's entirely possible he's just making this up to have fun, too.

But then again ... it is kind of weird that one dude only says, "I am Groot," right? Yeah, maybe it's just his name. Or maybe -- just maybe -- there's something more going on ...

Well, what do you have to say for yourself?

Hmm ... just like we suspected ...

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