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Gucci, Guess Trademark Lawsuit Finally Reaches Court (PHOTOS)

Who owns the letter "G"?

Guess and Gucci have finally faced off in court over that question. According to Bloomberg News, Gucci is accusing Guess of engaging in a "massive, complicated scheme to knock off Gucci's best-known and iconic designs," in the words of Gucci's lawyer, Louis Ederer.

Gucci filed a suit in New York federal court in 2009, claiming that the LA-based fashion brand infringed on its trademarks by imitating four specific Gucci signatures: the green and red stripe; the interlocking "G" pattern; the square "G" and the brand name's delicate script font.

Guess, claims Gucci, sold more than $221 million worth of products featuring these trademark infringements.

But the battle, which was finally argued before a judge on Wednesday, may be too old and drawn-out. Guess not only refutes Gucci's claims of trademark infringement -- "[Guess] has no reason to be like Gucci and it did not scheme to be like Gucci," said Guess' attorney, Daniel Petrocelli -- but also claims that Gucci "sat on its rights" for at least seven years before suing, according to Bloomberg News.

In addition, Petrocelli argued that despite certain instances of ambiguously similar designs (one sneaker in particular, seen below, was cited), consumers would not mistake Guess products for Gucci's.

According to Business Week, Petrocelli claimed that of the 1,495 Guess products Gucci accused of infringements, 99 percent "could never be confused with Gucci."

The case, a long time in the making, is set to last up to three weeks, says Women's Wear Daily. And while we're no lawyers, we decided to take a look ourselves. See a few Guess and Gucci products below -- do you think the similarities are lawsuit-worthy?


Guess vs Gucci

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