Gucci Wants You To Pay Almost $900 For Filthy-Looking Sneakers

The concept may seem ridiculous, but the fashion house’s latest offering is just an addition to a larger trend.
Gucci's Screener leather sneaker comes with an $870 price tag.
Gucci's Screener leather sneaker comes with an $870 price tag.

Gucci is selling a pair of sneakers that are purposely made to look dirty for a price that feels downright grimy.

The men’s Screener leather sneakers look like they’re straight out of the ’70s and have been in heavy use ever since the disco era. The “off-white” leather footwear comes with red and green (or red and blue) detailing and an $870 price tag.

And if actor Jared Leto has anything to say about them, the shoes pair perfectly with a long floral silk blouse, sweatpants and a general air of IDGAF.

Although the shoes (and Leto’s outfit) may seem completely ridiculous, they aren’t exactly a novel idea.

High-end Italian clothing brand Golden Goose was criticized last year for “mocking poverty” with its dirty, taped up “Superstar” shoes, which sold for $530.

Gucci’s shoes are a familiar take on a popular fashion trend.

Distressed jeans are also purposely made to look old. They often feature rips, holes, frayed hems and artificially added wear marks. They’re also embraced by mainstream consumers and can be found everywhere from Beyoncé’s Instagram page to the display window of your local Gap.

Here’s just hoping the next item of clothing to get the dirty or distressed treatment isn’t socks.