Guess The Artist Answer Revealed: Michelangelo (PHOTOS)

Yesterday we showed you the work of art below and asked you to guess the artist who created it. Thousands of you guessed in our poll, but less than 50% of you correctly identified the artist. The image below is a photograph of the vestibule of the Laurentian Library designed by Michelangelo.

Although Michelangelo (1475-1564) wished to be known as a sculptor (as he viewed sculpture to be the highest form of art), he was also a prominent painter, architect and poet. His design for the Medici library was so advanced, it still looks modern to a twentieth century viewer as his proto-Mannerist forms appear similar to ironic post-Modern architecture. Michelangelo plays with classical orders and sense of scale, which serves to make the interior space and supports feel ambiguous, as demonstrated by the monumental staircase which dominates half of the floor of the vestibule. Learn more about this incredible Florentine library and view other works by Michelangelo below.

Guess The Artist Answer Revealed: Michelangelo