21 Home Essentials To Buy Before Holiday Guests Come To Visit

Stock up your linen closet with new towels and make room for the beloved air mattress.
Stock up on new linens, deodorizers and decorations.
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Stock up on new linens, deodorizers and decorations.

So you agreed to host a few of your relatives or friends for the holidays this year. If you’re turning your home into a family Airbnb for Thanksgiving or Christmas, we’re here to help you get your space ready. Whether this is your first time having guests stay over or you’re a pro who just wants some pointers on which new things to buy in preparation, there are a couple key items you should have in your guest room.

The first thing you definitely need when you’re expecting guests to stay over is a bed for them to sleep in, of course. If your younger nieces and nephews are spending a few nights with you, you’ll want to make sure you have enough beds so they don’t end up fighting over who gets the “bigger bed.” The same goes for your adult guests — except maybe without the possibility of fighting involved. But even if you don’t have a super fancy guest room with a California king, the air mattress, convertible bed and designated travel pet bed we included in our roundup make great substitutes for short-term stays.

Aside from a bed to sleep in, you’ll also want to make sure you have other essentials like sheets, towels, pillows and home deodorizers. We included all of these and more in our list of items you should stock up on before your guests arrive. The best part? You can buy every single product on Amazon so it’ll get here before the holidays. Just know we aren’t responsible if your guests love staying with you so much they never want to leave.

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A 6-piece bathroom towel set
Give your guests the bath linens they'll need for their stay when they first arrive with this soft towel set. It comes with two bath towels, two hand towels and two washcloths. You can choose from 13 colors, including coral, violet, charcoal gray and navy blue.

Get it on Amazon for $39.99.
The Graco Pack 'n Play
If you've ever been even remotely near a toddler, you know they are busy bodies. Put a couple toys or stuffed animals in this pack 'n play along with them and they'll be entertained and out of harm's way.

Get it on Amazon for $54.88.
A queen size air mattress
If there are multiple guests coming to stay — like your energetic nieces or nephews — you may need to bring in additional reinforcement in the form of an air mattress to sleep them all. This mattress is equipped with a built-in pillow, internal air pump and a carrying bag for easy storage and transport.

Get it on Amazon for $51.99.
A 4-piece bed sheet set
With close to 80,000 five-star ratings, this sheet set comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillowcases. And if gray isn't your color, you can choose from 20 other colors, including burgundy, brown, taupe and black.

Get it on Amazon for $22.01.
A luggage rack
Rolling luggage on the ground at the airport, or even from your house to the car, picks up a lot of germs and dirt on the way. This raised luggage rack not only provides a place for your guests to place their suitcases, it also saves their backs from the strain of having to unpack on the floor.

Get it on Amazon for $48.87.
A mini air purifier
This portable, travel-friendly air purifier cleans 99.7% of dust, pollen, pet hair and other odors. Reviewers mention that at its highest setting, it produces a soft white noise that's great for sleeping.

Get it on Amazon for $39.99.
Two queen pillows
The No. 1 thing you should stock up on before your friends and family arrive is a collection of fresh pillows. These plush, hotel-quality pillows come in a set of two and have almost 19,000 five-star ratings.

Get them on Amazon for $39.99.
A digital clock
Sure, most people check the time on their phone these days, but a digital clock really adds personality and a splash of minimal decor to any bedroom. This clock is made of smooth wood and features an LED display that shows the time, indoor temperature and humidity.

Get it on Amazon for $19.98.
A Wi-Fi password stand
Normally, we'd be saying to prepare yourself for the amount of times you're going to be asked about your Wi-Fi password while your guests are there. But this year, let this neat little stand do the talking. Put it in the living room or buy a couple and place them throughout your house.

Get it on Amazon for $7.49
A quick-drying shaggy bath mat
This is a reminder to change your bath mat, especially if you're expecting guests to stay with you for a few days. Gorilla Grip's plush chenille bath mat is ultra absorbent, quick-drying and comes in a variety of colors to compliment your bathroom's theme.

Get it on Amazon for $17.99.
The Clorox ToiletWand
We love a traditional, old-fashioned toilet brush as much as the next person. But if you've ever owned one, you know how gross they can get after a couple uses. Clorox's ToiletWand provides the same great clean, but with disposable scrubbing pads that are pre-filled with cleaning fluid. Simply attach them to the head of the wand and press down while you're cleaning the toilet bowl to squeeze out the cleaner.

Get it on Amazon for $7.93.
The Brica Fold ’n Go travel bassinet
Parents of infants will certainly rejoice when they walk into the guest room to see this foldable bassinet. It has mesh panels and safe breathable fabric. Between nap times, they can even transport it around the house to keep their baby in sight and still be present for the festivities.

Get it on Amazon for $44.99.
A 3-tier shoe rack
Prevent your entryway from being cluttered with shoes by investing in this easy-to-assemble shoe rack. It comes in a sleek bronze and fits up to nine pairs of shoes.

Get it on Amazon for $23.87.
A bottle of Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go toilet spray
Pooping is a universal experience, and your house guests will likely have to go at some point during their stay. Place this discrete spray in your bathroom and spritz it in the bowl before business is done to keep odors away ahead of time.

Get it on Amazon for $9.20.
A convertible sofa bed
If you don't have a separate guest room for your visitors, fear not. This 4-in-1 sofa bed also functions as an ottoman, lounger and sofa so when your guests leave, you'll still have use for it. The frame is made of sturdy metal and the backrest can be adjusted to five levels for comfort.

Get it on Amazon for $399.99.
A furry pet bed
For relatives traveling with a pet, this under-$10 pet bed makes a great guest room addition. You can even turn it into a pet gift and send it home with them.

Get it on Amazon for $5.42.
Febreze plug-in air fresheners
Keep your home smelling fresh upon arrival of your guests — and throughout their stay — with this plug-in air freshener. One pack comes with a Febreze warmer and two fresh linen scented refills that last up to 1,200 hours.

Get them on Amazon for $12.97.
A new pair of blackout curtains
If the last time you spruced up your guest room with some new curtains was 2012, you may be due for a new set. These blackout curtains come in multiple colors and a range of lengths up to 52 inches wide and 108 inches long.

Get them on Amazon for $25.49.
A touch control bedside lamp
For late-night chats to catch up or guests who always travel with a book to read, a bedside lamp comes in handy. This lamp comes with a dual USB charging port and a dimmable touch control.

Get it on Amazon for $29.99.
A coat rack
Adding a coat rack to a foyer is an easy way to add a dash of luxe and intention to the entryway. If you think you'll run out of room in your hall closet for everyone's coats and winter hats, this 12-hook coat rack will come to your rescue.

Get it on Amazon for $26.87.
A welcoming decorative pillow
Not sure what to put on your guest room bed other than the basics? Opt for this cute 18-by-18-inch decorative pillow to welcome them in.

Get it on Amazon for $8.99.
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