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9 Guest Room Ideas That Will Make Any Visitors Feel Right At Home (PHOTOS)

Not everyone's lucky enough to have a spare space in their homes that can be saved just for visitors who stay overnight. While we're often stuck crashing on the sofa or even worse, bunking up with our pal, some people have designated well-appointed rooms just for travelers.

If you have such a spot in your house, scroll through these nine pretty guest room ideas for inspiration. But be careful not to make them too nice -- your friends and family will never leave!

1. Add a splash of color with patterned bedding.
2. Paint it a bright, sunny welcoming color.
3. Use a daybed that easily transforms from seating to sleeping.
4. Two twin beds are great for kids or adults alike.
5. Light colors and flowers keep it fresh and airy.
6. Finish off an attic space as a guest suite.
7. Add some texture so your guests feel like they're on a tropical retreat.
8. Save space with bunk beds.
9. Fill it with unique finds.

Want more bedroom ideas? Click through our slideshow of the most romantic sleeping quarters.

Romantic Bedrooms

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