Guggenheim 'No Country' Exhibition: Asian Artists Chosen To Represent The Region (PHOTOS)

The Guggenheim has finally released its highly anticipated selection of artists participating in the upcoming New York exhibition "No Country." The survey of South and Southeast Asian Artists, curated by June Yap, does not aim to comprehensively represent the countries exhibited in the show, but rather complicate our ideas of the region.

Yap traveled for three months to scope out artists for the show, making an effort to avoid “any stereotypical representation of nationalities," the artist explained to ARTINFO. Instead, the exhibition aims to examine the geopolitics of South and Southeast Asia from within, exploring perennial issues like national identity as well as contemporary changes in art making and visions.

poklong counteracts

The selected group includes painters, video artists, multidisciplinary installation artists and more. We're looking forward to seeing Jakarta-based installation artist Reza Afisina's explorations of violence as a voluntary choice, an act of God and a consequence of compliance with society, as well as Indonesian painter Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo's work; the artist describes his canvas as a pedestal and creates liquid abstractions resembling evolved drip paintings. See a complete list of participating artists here.

"No Country" is the first exhibition of the Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative, a five-year program involving curatorial residencies, touring exhibitions and new acquisitions; it will run from February 22–May 22, 2013.

No Country