This Unorthodox Guided Meditation Might Just Get You In The Habit

Hey, who are we to judge?

Meditation is so good for your health that any effort to get people meditating should be met with applause -- even if it's a little, uh, unorthodox.

Warning: Strong language ahead.

Studies have shown that meditation lowers blood pressure, increases brain function, boosts happiness and improves concentration. Meditation makes you a better employee and parent. It can even improve your marriage. New? A guided meditation can be just what you need to get a jumpstart.

And for those who don't like a gentle touch, perhaps this guided meditation full of f-bombs and wise words about "not letting those b*tches get under your skin," is just what the doctor ordered.

If "F*CK THAT: A Guided Meditation" gets you meditating, who are we to judge? Hey, sometimes you just gotta let loose.

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