Jobs That Make Workers Feel Really Guilty: Payscale

Everyone has to pay the bills somehow. Some people just don't feel great about the means to that end.

Sure, feeling dissatisfied or unhappy at work is a bummer. But what's worse is feeling that you're actually making "the world a worse place." And according to a recent survey by Payscale, people in many fields feel just that way.

Being told as much likely doesn't help. Everyone knows someone that has told off a telemarketer, for example. Then there's debt and loan collectors. Complaints against the industry have spiked since the financial crisis, and it's easy to see why. Debt collectors have been known to threaten, verbally abuse and lie to debtors, sometimes even in cases where they're not, you know, owed any money.

That's not to say all the guilt is justified. Like you, bartenders. Maybe some people feel you're enabling destructive behaviors, but people will have a drink whether it's poured for them or not. So cheers to you!

Here are 15 jobs that make workers feel really guilty:



Jobs That Make Workers Feel Really Guilty