Guilty Pleasure Diet: The One Junk Food You Can't Give Up

What's The One Unhealthy Food You Can't Give Up?

For some of us (ahem), it's energy drinks. For others, that 4 p.m. cookie looms large over our willpower.

For many of the healthiest eaters, there's one (or two) junky treats we can't seem to shake. Luckily, the research shows that if we're able to practice moderation, treats can be a part of a healthful diet. By allowing yourself a small amount of the foods you crave, the logic goes, you can prevent a later binge.

Of course, it is difficult to be moderate, especially when it comes to salt, fat and sugar -- three top ingredients in most bad-for-you foods. Struggling? The Mayo Clinic has a set of suggestions for following the moderation of the federal nutrition guidelines. And read on for a little bit of commiseration. Here are the dietary weaknesses of your fellow Healthy Living readers and staffers:

Guilty Pleasure Eats

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